"Dana's technique and knowledge as a massage therapist is masterful.  Working with her over the last 2 years she has helped me increase the awareness of my body.  In doing so she has taught me how to interpret my ailments as my body communicating with me.  Dana is perceptive of the interplay between the skeletal, muscular, and neurology of the human body, allowing her to effectively and gently target muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves to help alleviate pain, tension and discomfort.
Dana's is friendly and welcoming and exudes an aura of warmth and trust.  Within very few sessions (if not instantly) you will feel completely at ease and comfortable. What I particularly like about Dana is she wholeheartedly takes on the responsibility of alleviating your pain but also empowers her clients to work proactively at home by offering specific stretches and exercises.
Thanks Dana, you have made my back feel 10 years younger and helped me have an amazing season on the golf course this year!"  - Vicky

"With a history of numerous sports injuries, an ongoing battle with back pain, and a physically demanding job, these things combine to pose many challenges.  Dana Smith welcomes these challenges whole-heartedly. She has a super positive and energetic approach to massage. I feel that Dana is a 'next level' RMT, she listens to my problems and to my body. She has a heightened intuition to determine what and how to treat my ailments, and then is able to evaluate and prioritize a treatment to maximize its effectiveness. I always leave a session feeling opened, more relaxed and immensely relieved.  Dana has a gift, she is a healer, and I would encourage anyone considering a massage to visit Dana at Oceanside Wellness. You will not be disappointed."  -  Andrew

"After every treatment with Dana I've walked out with a deeper sense of connection and ease both in my physical body and my mind. Dana's grounded presence and awareness of what the body needs illuminates the work she does. She's simply amazing!" - Alli Shafer, Yoga practitioner and teacher

"As somebody who pushes his body to it's limit, I have visited many different massage therapists and body workers. Dana's approach to massage therapy is much deeper than just working on someone's tight neck or shoulders. Dana actually zooms out to see your entire body and being as one organism, not simply a machine with broken pieces. This allows her to really hit the causes of tightness and discomfort. She's an expert in anatomy and active herself, so she knows how it feels to really use your body. After every session I feel like I'm floating. Thank you so much for keeping my body and mind in shape."- Martin Voslar, Holistic health and fitness coach

"I've been receiving treatment from Dana for the past year and I've found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her treatment style is catered to the individual and she is sensitive to her client's needs and concerns. She couples her great understanding of anatomy and mind-body connection to provide lasting relaxation to sore and tired muscles. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone I come across, whether it is to recover from an injury or to relieve stress and tension built up through everyday life." - Jack

"I am very impressed with the treatments Dana has given me. I feel lucky to have found someone who I can rely on to provide quality service. Dana has a grounded and nurturing presence and a high degree of professionalism which makes me feel comfortable and cared for right away. As well, she is responsive to my changing needs and really listens to my feedback, providing a comprehensive treatment that is therapeutic on many levels. I am happy to recommend Dana as someone who is consistent in providing great service with sensitivity to her clients needs."  -  Nika

"I cannot speak highly enough about Dana and the significant role she has played in helping me recover from a major injury.  Her solid understanding of the human body and massage techniques is impressive.  'Homework' exercises are sometimes part of the therapy to help address issues between treatments.  Dana’s warmth and nurturing instincts create a calming environment that allows one's body and mind to truly relax.  It is this combination of her knowledge & skills and the positive energy or 'vibe' she gives off that allow me to trust her absolutely in the treatment sessions and with the advice she passes on.  Thank you Dana for everything!"  -  Kevin

"I came into to see Dana strung out and tired; left feeling better than I have in a very long time. She’s an artist!" - Michael

"I have been seeing Dana regularly for the past couple of months and I have already noticed benefits from my treatment sessions with her including a decreased frequency of headaches, decreased stress and more relaxed muscles. I thoroughly enjoy the various massage techniques (e.g., myofascial release and craniosacral therapy) she utilizes. I have been able to enter a deep state of relaxation during my sessions, which is a wonderful bonus. Dana is very professional and knowledgeable. She always provides me with information regarding the techniques she implemented to help increase my understanding. She provides suggestions regarding stretches to practice at home to assist in maintaining the benefits from our sessions. I highly recommend Dana for her professionalism, knowledge and skill."  -  Kristy

"If you're looking to truly heal from an injury or bring yourself back to optimal health - go see Dana Smith. I first went to see her for a stubborn sports related injury I'd had for years. She took the time to thoroughly assess what was going on and drew on her diverse range of knowledge and skills to treat me. She has a thoughtful approach to each treatment and I love her willingness to customize each treatment based on what's needed most at the time. Rated 10 out of 10."  -  Matt

“I so look forward to my sessions with Dana. Not only is she a very warm and welcoming individual, her wonderful treatments have gently eased my very tense neck, shoulder and back muscles. I always leave a treatment session feeling fully relaxed and serene. Thank you Dana!”  -  Ellyn

"I really appreciated Dana's ability to be present throughout our session together. She listened with openness and care to what I felt I needed and then proceeded to offer me exactly that throughout the massage. Dana is a receptive, skillful and talented massage therapist. She's awesome!" - Nina